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 I would love to find a beta buddy . . .

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I would love to find a beta buddy . . .  Empty
PostSubject: I would love to find a beta buddy . . .    I would love to find a beta buddy . . .  EmptySat Apr 07, 2018 11:27 am

. . . not for grammar or spelling or etc. so much, as I'm pretty confident in that area.

But I miss having a writing buddy who'd look over my stuff and tell me where I was leaving things out or needed to develop them more.   Are characters in character and etc.?  What are my plot holes?

And I could do the same for you.

I'm not as up on Western history as many of you, but I do have a graduate degree in Victorian literature, so I know a lot about 19th century culture and technology and etc. and I'll usually know whether something's in period or not.  And I teach college writing (not creative, I hasten to add), so I'm good at the technical stuff.

The downside is that most of what I write is part of an ongoing series, which I wrote a long time ago and recently took up again.  (If you go to chelseagirl on An Archive of Our Own, there's the Ella series and then the sequel series is Alias Investigations.)  So a beta reader would really need to know my stories, to know the original characters and to see how Heyes and Curry (and occasionally Kyle) have gotten to where they are.   That's not nothing, although a fair bit of the fic I've been reading since I came back to the fandom is much longer . . . 

Feeling shy now, but . . . nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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I would love to find a beta buddy . . .
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