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 Diamonds and Spades

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Diamonds and Spades Empty
PostSubject: Diamonds and Spades   Diamonds and Spades EmptyWed Mar 07, 2018 7:02 am

I've been reposting old -- and a few new -- ASJ stories to An Archive of Our Own, since this summer.  Here's the most recently posted.  (It is a crossover with the Highlander TV series, but anything you need to know is explained within the story.)   When Heyes and Curry head to San Francisco to liberate some jewels, without the rest of the Devil's Hole gang, Heyes ends up in a very high stakes card game as a favor to Silky.  But there is more than meets the eye to the Queen of Spades' saloon's glamorous owner . . .

This one's all poker and crime caper and the guys when they were still cheerfully dishonest.
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Diamonds and Spades
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