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 Settling Wheat – Part Twenty Five (By the Grave)

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Settling Wheat – Part Twenty Five (By the Grave) Empty
PostSubject: Settling Wheat – Part Twenty Five (By the Grave)   Settling Wheat – Part Twenty Five (By the Grave) EmptyWed Jan 31, 2018 10:14 am

Settling Wheat – Part Twenty Five (By the Grave)

Wheat bent down and laid flowers on the grave. He smiled at the newly carved and erected headstone. On the edge of the graveyard two men stood, watching. One in a brown corduroy jacket, arm in a sling and holding a walking stick. The other in expensive eastern style suit and perhaps looking out of place but then again not. They stood quietly side-by-side.

“Sorry I don’t know ya dates, li’l partner but I figure ya won’t mind too much.”

The headstone said, Kyle Murtry, the bestest partner a man could have. Wheat sighed as he read it.

“Yep, I reckon ya were that alright.” He sighed again. “Best tell ya what’s been happening ‘cos I don’t reckon I’ll be able to make it out to see ya too much. I’s working for Heyes agin. Yeah I knows we don’t get along real good but he’s done given me a job an’ … well he ain’t so bad now he’s got amnesty. None of those grand-e-oise schemes of his anymore. Got hisself a real nice set up these days. Hardware Store. Jus’ opened another store at Salt River an’ that’s where I’s come in.” Wheat drew himself up. “Gone an’ made me the manager there ain’t he?” He cleared his throat. “Reckon it’ll work out. In the end. If we’s both work at it.” He sounded a little doubtful.

“Anyways the thing I really wants to tell ya is the Governor of Wyoming has done given me an amnesty. Yeah can ya believe it? Me? Wheat Carlson.”

He paused.

“Helped the Kid out with some land deal he was after. Got more complicated than it shoulda and he needed my help to secure it. Turns out the federal government were after the same fella who was behind it all and we’s got him. So’s all worked out in the end for the Kid. He done got the land he wanted, near Heyes and as a thank you for my assistance the Governor of Wyoming gave me amnesty.”

He paused again.

“It’s over Kyle. All those wasted years. Over. Finished. No more running and hiddin’. All over with. Reckon ya’ll be proud of me li’l partner. Anyways I’d best be off.”

He rose to his feet as the two men silently joined him to stand one on either side of him. For a moment, all three of them looked silently down, respectfully.

“We’ll I’s gotta go now Kyle,” Wheat said, suddenly, his voice breaking a little. “Ya rest in peace, y’hear.” He walked quickly away.

The two men nodded at the grave and followed him, catching up at the edge of the graveyard where he’d paused. Each put a hand on his shoulder.

“Kyle would be proud of ya, Wheat,” the Kid said. “Got a home, real money paying job. Not wanted anymore.”

The big man nodded and looked away. He cleared his throat. “Yeah I knows that Kid. An’ it’s a real good opportunity I’s got now but …”

He started to turn his head but the man in the brown corduroy stopped him.

“Don’t look back, Wheat. I know it’s hard but you’ve gotta look forward now.” He paused and swallowed. “I want you to look forward ‘cos I need you.”

Wheat looked at him, a little surprised at the choice of words. There was no mischief there. Only sincerity.

“Yeah Wheat. Ya settled now,” the Kid added, patting the big man’s shoulder.

Heyes did likewise on the other.

Wheat nodded and the three of them walked away. None of them looked back.

Kid Curry and that other fella; Hannibal Heyes and whatsname
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Settling Wheat – Part Twenty Five (By the Grave)
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