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 Finding an editor

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Finding an editor Empty
PostSubject: Finding an editor   Finding an editor EmptyWed May 31, 2017 9:19 am

I'm getting very close to having my Twist of Fate manuscript ready for publication. However, it is still foggy in my mind as to how much needs to be changed to avoid plagiarism. My entertainment lawyer said 20 to 30%, but how do you judge that in written material?

Does anyone know of a professional editor who is familiar enough with ASJ to be able to judge its content and let me know for sure that it is good to go?

I'm looking for a professional here, not just someone who likes the show and is willing to look over it. Oh, and it also should be someone familiar with American copyright and plagiarism law, as I expect there is some differences between the States and the UK.

Thanks ladies!
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Finding an editor
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