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 The Best A Man Can Get (1000 words)....very early outlaw days

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The Best A Man Can Get (1000 words)....very early outlaw days Empty
PostSubject: The Best A Man Can Get (1000 words)....very early outlaw days   The Best A Man Can Get (1000 words)....very early outlaw days EmptySat Feb 18, 2017 7:57 am


The Best a Man Can Get
by Cal


“Sometimes a man just knows when it’s the right one” mooned Curry “You just get a feeling in your gut …when you look into their eyes …and you just know.”

“Sounds like a dodgy pie to me Kid…” sneered Heyes, he was fed up to be hearing this again.

“It can be like that sometimes” continued Curry, choosing to ignore his, not that much older, cousins remark. After all, they were both twenty-something now that he’d had a birthday. He might still look a lot more than two years younger than Han, but he wasn’t.  

“You don’t always need to get up real close.  It’s just some connection you can feel between you, but you got to be listening for it …tuned in.  Like ’Pappy used to say ‘If yer heart sings and life is telling you you’ve found the right one, then sure as night follows day, there’s just no fighting it.”

Heyes screws up his face. 

“I never heard him say that. Now it’s your heart Kid …It was your gut a minute ago …Sure your feeling alright? …You’re sounding a might churned up…” Heyes pointedly stares at Kids whip thin mid-section, shaking his head.

“Well …you were always too busy reading your damned books to be listening to anything our sage ol’ Gran’Pappy had to say Han…” retorted Curry.

“’Pappy Curry taught me plenty …twenty-ones …for one.  I never did figure out how he was cheating…” 

Heyes’ eyes narrowed in thought.

“Well I think we can both agree, that if there was one thing our ol’ Irish Gran’Pappy knew a thing or two about …more than anything else…” 

Curry’s eyes drifted back to the object of his desire. 

“…It was horses …and that’s one’s sure singing to me…”

“Say it a little louder Kid…” Heyes was sounding annoyed again. “I don’t think you’ve actually driven his price through the roof yet …but you’re working on it.” 

He pulled Curry to the far side of the paddocks. 

“Try and show some interest in the mares.  Maybe, by the time the auction actually starts, the auctioneer will have forgotten the stupid love-struck look on your face every time you look at that damn black.” Heyes rolls his eyes. Kid could sometimes still be such a dumb kid!  “’Pappy Curry would be spinning in his grave if he thought that his two grandsons couldn’t do better at a horse fayre than this.”

Curry took the point, pushing his lips into a flat line and started to lift hooves and admire lines in the mare’s paddock.


Back on the trail 

“Kid …I haven’t seen you this happy since…” Heyes frowned, then shrugged his shoulders. “I haven’t seen you this happy!”

Curry was riding the black.  He kept looking back over his shoulder and beaming, as if he was expecting Heyes to burst into a spontaneous round of applause at the mere sight of him on that horse.  He ran a gloved hand over the well-muscled rump and hummed appreciatively.  He couldn’t get the look of pure joy to leave his features. 

Most annoying for Heyes though, was the near constant commentary Kid had kept up on the horse, since they’d left the horse fayre; about the ‘lift of his feet’, or the ‘angle of his neck’, or the ‘fluidity of his gait’ …. Yes …. Kid had said …. the ‘fluidity of his gait!’

Heyes slowly let a smile form across his face, enough even for his dimple to show under his close cut beard.  He shook his head at his ridiculously happy younger cousin …oh … and of late, of course …partner in crime.

“You know Kid …If I’d known, all I had to do to make you this happy, was …hold up a Bank …and open a pay roll box …loose a posse …and buy you an overpriced horse …well …I guess …I couldn’t ‘ve done it before now …Couldn’t have even dreamed of doin’ it …not even just last year…” He grinned, catching Curry’s good humour. “But I guess, it’s only the best for us from now on …Right?”

“Damned right Han!” beamed Curry.

Kid looked back at his cousin.  He had a warm happy grin on his face at last.  Gone were the threadbare clothes and the sole-flapping shoes.  The pale undernourished look of constant hunger.  The near permanent frown of worry and the shoulders slumped under the weight of responsibility. 

Kid hadn’t liked the idea of robbing people at first, but now he could see it had been worth it.  There’d be no more sleeping on the cold hard ground.  No more walking.  No more hunger.  No more searching for that last coin. No more of them looks.

They were Hannibal Heyes and Jed Curry.  

They were surely gonna be two of the most successful outlaws the west would ever know, and from now on they could afford the best. And that’s what they were gonna get, the best and nothing but the best. Of everything there was to get.

Young Jed Curry watched the muscles bunching in the powerful shoulders of his new horse and smiled at the intelligent lift of its head.  This animal would see him safe from any posse.  His hand found the butt of his trusted Colt.  He knew how good he’d gotten at using that.  

He felt indestructible.  


And he knew with crystal clear certainty …that only the young can truly feel, that Han had been right all along and that they truly deserved the very best of everything …however they came by it.

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The Best A Man Can Get (1000 words)....very early outlaw days
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