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 The Bank Account

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The Bank Account Empty
PostSubject: The Bank Account   The Bank Account EmptySun Apr 10, 2016 3:13 am

The Bank Account

“Kid, I’ve just realised something,” Heyes said, suddenly, as they were going to sleep.

The Kid groaned. “Heyes! I was very nearly asleep!”

“I’m going to have to open a bank account,” Heyes said, ignoring him.

“You woke me up to tell me that?!”

“It’s important. It’s a big decision.”

“Why? Either you need one or you don’t. Simple enough to me,” the Kid, grumbled.

“Yeah, but is my money gonna be safe, Kid?”

“Where are you going with this?”

Heyes turned over to face him, propping his head on an elbow. “Well banks get robbed don’t they?”

The Kid mirrored him and yawned. “Not anymore. We’ve gone straight.”

Heyes scowled. “Funny. But what happens when they are robbed? Do the customers just LOSE their money?”

“Is your conscience pricking you all of a sudden?”

“I’d never thought on it ‘afore that’s all.” He grinned. “Hey this is turn up! Me worrying about whether the banks are safe?” He chuckled.

The Kid rolled his eyes and flopped onto his back.

“I wonder if, when they rebuilt the bank here in Porterville, they built it unrobbable,” Heyes mused.

“There’s no such thing. Just ‘cos we got outta the business doesn’t mean that banks have stopped being robbed.”

Heyes looked disgruntled and lay on his back. “Oh now you’re worrying me Kid!”

“Heyes, stop worrying. You can go ask the bank about their security in the morning.”

“Yeah thanks Kid. I think I will. I gotta be sure.”

The Kid suddenly raised his head and looked across at him. “How much money are we talking about?” he frowned.

“Oh at least 20 dollars!” Heyes replied with a grin. He caught the pillow that was aimed at his face and threw it back.

“GO TO SLEEP!” the Kid said, angrily.

Kid Curry and that other fella; Hannibal Heyes and whatsname
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The Bank Account
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