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 Amnesty and the Wyoming Governors

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PostSubject: Amnesty and the Wyoming Governors   Amnesty and the Wyoming Governors EmptyWed Mar 30, 2016 2:57 pm

A few days ago, I had a lot of "home work" to do for work, so of course I started looking into the old question of the ASJ timeline.

This time, I decided to approach the problem from a slightly different angle: I looked at Governors of Wyoming Territory. And this approach changed the way I regard our boys' chances of getting amnesty.

I cheated a little with the beginning of the timeline. Since the name of the governor isn't mentioned in the pilot (at least I haven't caught a name yet), I assumed that Heyes and Curry started their quest in 1880. There is some evidence for it, after all. Take the Pierce & Hamilton safe. It was the latest model (from 1878), when Heyes opened one of them over a year before Harry Wagoner forced him to do so again. And we know that the boys had already spent some time trying for amnesty before the fight at the OK Corral took place (late 1881).

Wyoming Territory Governors through the 1880s were:

John Wesley Hoyt  -  April (appointed 10.Apr.) 1878 - 1882  
William Hale  -  03.Aug.1882 (sworn in; appointed 18.Jul.) - 13.Jan.1885 (died)
Elliot S. N. Morgan  -  13.Jan.1885 - 28.Feb.1885 (Acting Governor)
Francis E. Warren  -  28.Feb.1885 - Nov.1886
George White Baxter  -  Nov 1886 (appointed 11.Nov) - 20.Dec.1886 (resigned)
Elliot S. N. Morgan  -  20.Dec.1886 - 24.Jan.1887 (Acting Governor)
Thomas Moonlight  -  24.Jan.1887 (appointed 05.Jan) - 09.Apr.1889 (during the Civil War, he fought in and commanded several Kansas companies and later started his political career here - maybe he might feel for our boys and give them amnesty?)
Francis E. Warren  -  09.Apr.1889 (appointed mar.1889) - 1890 (then elected as First Governor for the State of Wyoming 11.Oct.1990 - 24.Nov.1890)

According to the episode The Day the Amnesty Came Through, Warren must have been the governor who granted the amnesty, but was replaced before the boys got to him, so the paperwork never got done. They help the next governor, Baxter, with a problem, but when they return to reap their reward, he had already resigned. The episode then skips Morgan ("only" and Acting Governor, after all), and it is Moonlight who agrees to the old deal (stay out of trouble...).
Lom mentions to the boys that Moonlight is a fellow Kansan (well, Kansan by choice - he was born in Forfarshire, Scotland). It is reported about him that he didn't like big ranchers or big railroads, but supported small farmers (and supposedly the "little man"). So, he isn't in league with Heyes and Curry's enemies like some of the previous governors (might have been).

Add to this that Moonlight made a hash of his military career after the Civil War by making several really bad decisions and rushing into action without thinking or even a passing glance at strategy (possibly because of being drunk), it makes me think he might be an ideal candidate to give our boys their more than earned amnesty.

And if he wouldn't, at least he was followed by Warren (again), who had already decided to deliver on the amnesty deal. I think if Lom approached him again, the paperwork would get done pronto this time.

Before looking into the governors, I have to admit that I could imagine they would have left Heyes and Curry dangling, because their goal (get them out of business) was already achieved. But looking at the question of 'will or won't they get it' now, considering who the governors in the late 1880s were, I'm pretty confident that in the end, Heyes and the Kid got what they wanted (and had more than earned!).

It also means they would have had to wait at least 7, possibly 10 years for it. A very long time! 
Then again, the series takes us at least to 1887. There are 4 more episodes after the one where the amnesty came and fell through. Even if one of them jumps back in time to November 1885 and the rescue and inauguration of Conrad Meyer Zulick as Governor of the Territory of Arizona.

According to the Alias Smith & Jones "bible", the episode was supposed to be titled "The 7th Governor". Zulick was indeed the 7th governor of Arizona, but if we count the number of men our boys would have had deals with during the run of ASJ, there are 6 Governors of Wyoming Territory (counting the "Acting Governor" Morgan). So, for Heyes and Curry, Zulick would make the 7th governor they have "to deal with".
And it would point to Moonlight granting amnesty.

By now, I'm no longer wondering "if" (they will ever get amnesty), but simply concerned with by whom and for what reason.
Isn't it nice when a little research leads you to new conclusions/convictions?

Maybe the list or number of governors will set off a plot bunny or two? 

I'd love to read it.  :whistle:And it would be great if we could have a little discussion here.

"I can resist everything - except temptation"  Oscar Wilde
For me temptation is Hannibal Heyes, especially in chaps!

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PostSubject: Re: Amnesty and the Wyoming Governors   Amnesty and the Wyoming Governors EmptyWed Mar 30, 2016 3:32 pm

Amazing work, Stepha3nie and my head is spinning with all the information.  I'll have to take some time for it to filter through.  I'm sure there are some wonderful bunnies hiding in there though.   albino rabbit
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Amnesty and the Wyoming Governors
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