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 A Christmas List

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Caroline McK

Caroline McK

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PostSubject: A Christmas List   A Christmas List EmptyWed Dec 23, 2015 2:27 pm

Before I begin posting this short story, I think I need to warn you all that this is NOT a normal ASJ fanfic. This was written in 2008, and I have not editted it; nor do I want to. No offense is/was intended but please be aware that it does involve magic and the impossible. I am well aware that some will not like this. That is okay. You don't have to like, agree with, or even approve of my story - just let it be what it is - a story.

The Christmas List

 Recently, while having dinner with an old friend I was asked what I would ask Santa for if I could have absolutely anything for Christmas. I have to admit that my heart screamed ASJ and Ben Murphy, but I thought about it and finally said, "My list is too long and only has one thing on it; maybe two if you sub-categorize."

 Deb rolled her eyes and said, "Make a list of ten things and be able to explain why you want them. You know, like you had to when you were young."

 "Oh. Ten things is a lot easier. Explaining them, well, that never got me anywhere before, but it is tradition." I closed my eyes and put my mind in gear.
 Here's what I came up with:

#10 The deed to Universal Studios
So I could preserve all of the sets used by my favorite TV shows and visit whenever I chose. I could also make sure that my childhood dreams were kept intact. (Yes, I would allow other fans to visit and tour. I would probably try to get some of the stars to come and visit once in awhile, too.)

 #9 Every piece of film that pertains to Alias Smith and Jones
So I could enjoy the bloopers and outtakes. I would also put out the second and third seasons on DVD.

 "No, you just want to hoard it all for yourself." Deb rolled her eyes as she shook her head in disbelief.

 I frowned, "No. I would share. Some things are better when they are shared."

"Okay, if you say so." Deb wasn't at all convinced but she isn't the ASJ fan that I am.

On to#8 I want my own set of hats.
 I only want two, Hannibal Heyes' and Kid Curry's. The second season for Kid's - the one with the silver conches on it. As for the Heyes hat, well I have to go with the first season. I guess because these two are actually obtainable. You can order them, custom made. 
Why? Because I have loved those hats for years.

#7 Copies of all of the non-squidge fanfic for ASJ
 "What? What the heck are you talking about?" Deb asked with a puzzled look in her eyes.
 "Fanfic," I answered. "You know, stories written by fans. Stories that continue the characters and the shows. It's what the writers wish had happened or could have happened. But the writers are all fans, like me."
 "Oh, fanfic. I always wondered what you called those stories you write.
 Anyway, the reason I want this is so I can have my own special library. And so I have copies to have the authors autograph if I'm ever lucky enough to meet any of them in person. They are all wonderful people from all over the globe and they have one thing in common - they have great talent forwriting about what they care about.

#6 The chance to meet Ben Murphy
 "Yeah, I knew this one was coming, " Deb laughed, "Who are you going to take to do your talking for you? "
 "Yeah, I know this one will never happen. I can't begin to even dream about this one because I'm too shy and awkward when it comes to meeting people. But tat's the fun of awish list. I can wish for things that I know will never be able to come true." I dropped my eyesand looked at my fingernails. At least I can admit my fears and acknowledge them in the way of dreaming that somehow I will overcome themsomeday.

 I looked up at Deb, "How wild can this list go? You said anything, but are there limits?"

 "No, no limits. Santa, remember? Any Christmas wish can be granted. He's magic, remember?

 "Yeah, I remember. I also remember yearsof lists being ignored and then years later getting something that I never remembered wanting.

Okay then, #5  Autographs of all of the ASJ cast, including the cast members who had small but memorable parts on only one or two episodes.
 All of these people worked together to make the show what it was; to make each episode what it was. It took more than Ben Murphy and Pete Duel to make the show. (I hate to crash so many dreams here, but, well, be honest.)

#4 While I am still in the realm of Impossible - To meet Pete Duel
 Yes, I know. But I was allowed to ask for anything. 
 I would love to meet the man who inspires so much fanfic and be sure to let him know how many people still love him and still grieve for him.

#3 Copies of all of the ASJ books
 Yes, even those terrible paperbacks written by Brian Fox. There are a couple of reasons, but first of all, this was a form of published fanfic - except that it's not very close tothe story line and I'm fairly sure that Mr. Fox was not a fan.

#2 A chance to meet all of the fanfic authors
 I have read so many stories and met a few of the authors on-line. I would love to be able to meet them in person and tell them how grateful I am for sharing their talents and their wordswith the rest of us.

and my #1 Christmas Wish...
 For all of my friends to have the best Christmas Season and may ALL of their wishes come true. 
 May all of the writers be blessed with lots of plot bunnies and words in the coming year and the time to share with everyone.

Merry Christmas, Caroline
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Caroline McK

Caroline McK

Posts : 392
Join date : 2015-02-20
Location : western PA USA

A Christmas List Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Christmas List   A Christmas List EmptyWed Dec 23, 2015 2:31 pm

I am so sorry about the way that post ended up. I have no idea why it came out the way it did Embarassed scratch No No
  I can't begin to try to fix it right now, so please bear with me and try to do the best you can.
I will attempt to fix it in a few days.
Thank you kindly for your patience.
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A Christmas List
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