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 A Christmas Wish

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Caroline McK

Caroline McK

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PostSubject: A Christmas Wish   A Christmas Wish EmptySun Dec 06, 2015 2:21 pm

This needs a warning. Please read with caution. It is VERY hard on the heart. It is Angst and Drama. There is NOTHING light about it. But, PLEASE read it and comment. I want to know what you think about it. 


He sat there waiting for the doctor to finish. Somewhere deep inside he knew it was too late, that no doctor could save his partner. He ignored that and held on with his heart to hope.

Hope was all the outlaw had left. There was no more family, there wasn't any real home to go to. There was only the future and he had to have the faith that his partner would survive.

Faith. He had all but given up on that years ago, during and especially after the border raid. Deep inside he could still hear his parents singing the hymns and quoting the Bible. They kept telling him to trust in Faith and never stop believing. But, no one told him why terrible things happen to good, hard-working, God-fearing people who were innocent. At least, he never got any answers that he was able to accept with the solid proof that he needed. He didn't like the soft-spoken words of charity that were offered.

Charity. He had seen more than his share of the "generous" gifts that were never enough. Coats that were never warm enough; food that never filled a growing boy's hunger. The lessons he learned early in life resurfaced and he made sure that he always did what he could for those less fortunate than he was. It wasn't always easy, but he tried.

Try. Another lesson learned early. Always try to do your best. Never say you can't until you've tried. And his favorite - nothing is impossible if you try with everything in you.

Impossible. That one was easy. Life without his partner and best friend. They had been through too much together and knew that, from having tried it once, being alone was just too hard to survive. He would never be able to survive the loneliness for very long.

Survive. His cousin had to. There was no other option. If he didn't, then there was no reason for him to live either. friends couldn't fill the void, couldn't keep him safe, couldn't give him what he would truly need when he was out of hope. Friends weren't his partner - they weren't even close to what his partner was.

The door opened and the doctor came out into the outer office, "You can go in now. Your partner is in need of a lot of rest, but the worst is over."

His head shot up and he looked at the man, unwilling to believe, unable to dare to believe. "You mean...?"

The doctor smiled and said, "Go in. Be quiet, he needs rest. He should be up and around in a few days."

A smile, a true, soul-deep smile came to his face. he rose and crossed to the door, "Doctor, I can't even begin to thank you. " He quietly went into the room.

The man in the bed stirred in a disconnected drowsy way.

"Relax, partner. Doc says you're gonna be fine." He kept his voice down as he lowered himself into the chair beside the bed.

He watched his partner relax and then closed his eyes and allowed himself to remember.

"Promise me, when we die, we die together."

"I promise. We die together, in a blaze of glory."

The two young boys shook on the solemn promise. 

That memory stirred another. He was sitting at the table at a Sunday dinner, his entire family was gathered, "And abideth these three, Faith, Hope and LOVE. And love never fails."

Love. He hadn't thought of that one The one thing greater than death, more forgiving and flexible than anything else.The one thing that he tried to push aside more than anything else, because if you allow love into your heart, you inevitably feel a pain that makes you want to die yourself. And no love was greater than that of brothers (family?).

But love is what makes dreams possible. Love makes the impossible happen. Love can keep anything safe. And bring a person back to you when you think they're lost forever.

The doctor was trying to be quiet when he opened his office the next day. He knew that his patient should still be asleep. He hoped the man's partner was, too.

It would be easier that way. He would be able to slip the packages on the table with a note and then, later, talk to them when they were eating.

 He held the note, reading it again. 
"Merry Christmas. Please come over to the house when you're ready to eat. We'll bring some food to your partner." Doc

Doctor Grenville smiled. He had hoped and prayed to be able to repay the debt that he owed the outlaws, never dreaming it would be like this. They had saved his life a few years ago in a saloon. 
His prayer was answered.

Caroline 2010    

A/N  Sorry for the spin on this one - DID NOT Mean for it to turn out so smarmy. If you can help me refine it and polish it, please tell me how.
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Caroline McK

Caroline McK

Posts : 392
Join date : 2015-02-20
Location : western PA USA

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PostSubject: Re: A Christmas Wish   A Christmas Wish EmptyMon Dec 07, 2015 8:31 am

Okay, sorry about taking so long to catch up with the typos. I think I may have finally found them all, but no guarantees.  I hope that this didn't upset anyone too much. I think that some of you might be upset because I never identified which partner was hurt, but I hope that you can read it from both sides. It works.
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PostSubject: Re: A Christmas Wish   A Christmas Wish EmptySun May 12, 2019 4:48 pm

It worked for me.  Either of them could have been the patient and the other would have the same thoughts.  As you can probably tell, I am going back and re-reading past stories and enjoying them.
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A Christmas Wish
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