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 Cooking around the campfire

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Cooking around the campfire Empty
PostSubject: Cooking around the campfire   Cooking around the campfire EmptyTue Feb 17, 2015 4:52 pm

If you want to get some good ideas for how the boys and others might have cooked around the campfire, try the following Public Television show produced in my area, Cooking on the Wild Side. They cook either outdoors or at least tell you how it would work outdoors. At times, they actually cook on a chuck wagon, and often with a dutch oven in a camp fire. They frequently cook various wild game. The guy who does mostly tasting, John, will ask the cook, "What varmint are you cooking today?" It really is charming. If you want to know what an Arkansas accent sounds like, or one of the variants, anyhow, here you go.

By the way, on one show, John the taster complains about the campfire smoke in his eyes. The cook, Phyllis, says, "smoke follows beauty." I used to hear that all the time when I camped with the girl scouts. All I can say is, with our boys, the smoke would hardly know which way to go.

Anybody have more recipes or other historic cooking information? Here's your topic.
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Cooking around the campfire
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