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 Tips On Using Quotation Marks

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Quotation marks are used to identify words that someone has said. When used within a sentence, quotation marks identify which part of the sentence is being quoted and which is not. Quotation marks always come in pairs; the first set “opens” the quote and the second set “closes” the quote. For example:

He said, “I’m going over to Jennifer’s house for a few hours.”
The poster on the wall read, “Hang in there.“
No matter what her professor said, Anna didn’t think she was “over-exuberant.”

Treat anything within quotation marks as separate from the rest of the sentence you’ve written, and make sure it has its own correct punctuation. For example, if the quote is a full sentence, it must begin with a capital letter, even though it is within the larger structure of another sentence:

The little boy said, “No matter what, I’m not cleaning my room!”
The N in “No” must be capitalized because it belongs to the quote. The exclamation mark goes inside the quotation marks because it belongs to the quote.
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Tips On Using Quotation Marks
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