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 Day Thirty

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Day Thirty Empty
PostSubject: Day Thirty   Day Thirty EmptySat Oct 11, 2014 7:14 pm

Continuing with Day Thirty. Mostly trying to show the changes in the landscape and the lovely Fall colours. Really getting a mix of sun and cloud and some rain. Lots of wind.

Nice sunny day again. Fall colours coming up.

Day Thirty IMG_1352_zps7b921292

Day Thirty IMG_1353_zps6c82f400

Day Thirty IMG_1355_zps8d893110

Just thought I would take note of this sign 'Valparaiso'.

Day Thirty IMG_1356_zps048443d3

I think this is part of lake Michigan.  I think.

Day Thirty IMG_1358_zpsdbdcb708

Day Thirty IMG_1359_zpsc7376f66

Just a glimpse of Lake Michigan through the city scape

Day Thirty IMG_1361_zps03774044

Neat old building.

Day Thirty IMG_1365_zpsb2a3cca0

More Chicago

Day Thirty IMG_1366_zps7edbe400

Finally out in the country side again. Got hit with more tolls and then a work zone. 70 miles at 45 mph--very frustrating! Once the traffic got going again, the wind was so strong that a pick-up truck hauling an empty utility trailer almost lost it. The wind caught that trailer and started flinging it all over the place. It was all the driver could do to keep his truck on the road and get it slowed down. I expect he left the highway after that a keep things going at a more sedate speed.

Day Thirty IMG_1368_zps986c5d5a

Day Thirty IMG_1370_zpscda8fdd1

More corn!

Day Thirty IMG_1371_zpsc75f9e37

Day Thirty IMG_1377_zpsf8f9ddf4

Day Thirty IMG_1378_zps1c779f61

And even more corn!

Day Thirty IMG_1379_zps080763cf

Day Thirty IMG_1381_zps7cd31706

Interesting rock formation that just shot up out of nowhere. Standing all alone.

Day Thirty IMG_1384_zps103cd631

Coming into some nice rolling pastures and forested areas.

Day Thirty IMG_1391_zps7d2893de

Then basically flat again.

Day Thirty IMG_1391_zps7d2893de
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Day Thirty
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