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 Day twenty-three

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PostSubject: Day twenty-three   Day twenty-three EmptyThu Oct 02, 2014 8:40 pm

Got into Paul's old home town near Warminster Pennsylvania. We found one of the old time neighbours at home, Ron and Dianne and spent the few hours there reminiscing. We also went by the old Navy base where Paul first signed up and also went through bootcamp, but the base is pretty much closed down now. Many of the buildings he knew were still there, but most are no longer in use. Part of the base has been taken over by the National Guard but a lot of it has changed.

Day twenty-three IMG_1225_zpsf88cf739

Day twenty-three IMG_1224_zps7156bc86

  • The house Paul bought and completely renovated while stationed in Penn. for four years.

  • Day twenty-three 10007030_10152201446351526_8960149190056322784_n
    Eric Hotz I thought you were going to write, "This is was General Meade's headquarters at Gettysburg". I thought the house looked a tad modern. Meade was known for his love of lawn furniture and shrubberies.

  • Day twenty-three IMG_1226_zps7c9cf7aa

Typical of so many of the homes in this area. Beautiful old stonework.

Day twenty-three IMG_1227_zps6fc31bc3

An old horse and carriage barn.

Day twenty-three IMG_1229_zps5f70322b

Day twenty-three IMG_1230_zps26d36a16

Day twenty-three IMG_1231_zps8e3f84de

Paul lost in reminiscing.

Day twenty-three IMG_1235_zps86840910

The front gates on the base. Unlocked and wide open now. There is a guarded gate further along before you get into the National Guard area.

Day twenty-three IMG_1233_zpsab2aa21a

The booth where Paul spent many a long cold night on guard duty.

Day twenty-three IMG_1234_zpsbb0e9411

Day twenty-three IMG_1236_zpse72552bb

Day twenty-three IMG_1237_zps420bf3c1

Day twenty-three IMG_1238_zpsf2276abe

Similar to the plane Paul flew in while doing anti-submarine patrol.

Day twenty-three IMG_1239_zps09a41263

Day twenty-three IMG_1240_zpsd24f853d

Day twenty-three IMG_1241_zpsadcf7eed

Another quick shot to show the changing of the colours.

Day twenty-three IMG_1242_zpsd90407c3
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Day twenty-three
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