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 Pairs & partners

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PostSubject: Pairs & partners   Pairs & partners EmptyFri Jul 04, 2014 5:28 pm

I think it would be fun to tlakk about other pairs of people and see how they are and aren't like our favorite pair. What is it about pairs or partners that makes them so much fun to watch?

I would like to have a look at one of my favorite pairs - the Mythbusters - Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. (I have no crush on either one, by the way.)They have a reality TV show on the Discovery Channel, in case you have somehow avoided seeing it. They are real people, but certainly put across characters with some fiction in them on their show. Adam has acting background and is a real enthusiast. Jamie is dour and all business with the occasional wicked flash of humor - so that division of character is very different from our boys. What else is different? First off, they are nowhere near as cute as our guys. Who is? But they have a surprising amount in common with Curry and Heyes. Like what?

The head two Mythbusters are the pair at the head of a gang - not only the other three myth busters, Kari, Grant, and Tory, but also a whole bunch of shop assistants. They have a ton of fun - often violently - but they are totally committed to not hurting anyone. Adam and Jamie have a rather prickly and rivalrous relationship. One (Jamie) used to be the other's boss, but now they are equals. The Mythbusters have a cool headquarters - the workshop called M5 (the Building Team - the other three mythbusters - has it's own workshop, called M7). They love to blow things up - oh boy, do they! They spend nearly as much time at bomb ranges as they do at their workshop. Adam is quite the lock picker - he really is. He taught himself when he was a boy. Adam and Jamie are both quite good shots with almost any gun you would care to name. They have a wicked sense of humor and love to mock each other. They find excuses to get drunk, together or apart. Adam loves to dress up and do funny voices, though Jamie thinks this is asinine. They love to go fast - though usually in cars or on motorcycles or boats rather than on horseback. Did I mention that the Mythbusters love to blow things up? The plastic explosive C4, which wasn't even invented in the 1880s, of course, is their favorite. They have done multiple shows about crime methods and escaping from confinement etc., so they have very familiar adventures at times.  They love things to do with numbers, probability, and physics. Playing cards certainly do turn up now and then. They have done several old West myths, including on Kid Curry - the real one. I guess fun and inventiveness are the chief uniting things between the two pairs.

And the Mythbustrs are only human. Things go wrong fairly often and myths they would love to confirm are often busted. Frustration and embarrassment are par for the course. "Quack, damn you!" demands Jamie of an unfortunate duck. "Am I missing an eyebrow?" asks Adam anxiously after an explosion gone wrong (yes, he is). "This," says Grant wistfully as he puts out yet another fire after yet another explosion, "is why we can't have nice things." Such is life around M5. It just doesn't sound that far off life around Devil's Hole or on the run after the boys go "straight."

What's different from our A&J boys? 21st century versus 19th century and on the right side of the law (often calling in law officers and army folks to help them keep legal and safe) versus the wrong side of the law, as well as "reality" versus fiction account for much of it. The Mythbusters don't make money as the AS&J guys always want to - they spend it like water in buying cars and boats to blow up and split apart, explosives, and all kinds of equipment. No one is trying to catch the Mythbusters (except maybe the ever-busy censor who bleeps them every few seconds) and they have no overall goal except to encourage critical thinking and teach real science while having lots of fun. They have even been commended by President Obama and been awarded honorary doctorates. That seems unlikely with Heyes & Curry, doesn't it? And, bless them, they've been making shows for more than 10 years. I wish our boys could have come anywhere near that. By the way, I think the Mythbusters episodes are stuffed full of plot bunnies.

OK, what's your favorite other pair? What's like our boys and what's different? Why do you like or not like them? I look forward to hearing about pairs I know and being introduced to new pairs. I hope other folks enjoy it hearing about your favorite pairs, too.
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Pairs & partners
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