Alias Smith and Jones Fun and Fanfiction
Alias Smith and Jones Fun and Fanfiction
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Alias Smith and Jones Fun and Fanfiction

A site for all kinds of fun for fans of Alias Smith and Jones
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You need to be a member to post on this site, but you certainly do not need to be a writer. We have many areas, games, picture challenges, trivia and research which appeal to all kinds of members. If you have a great idea for a new thread, PM Admin and let me know. This site has been built from the bottom up by it's members and we are very open and responsive to new ideas and suggestions.

Each area has a title and within that area there are various threads. click on any topic or thread that appeals to you and you will find that the last posting is the most recently made one. To post click on 'Post Reply' and it will open a box for you to type your posting.

The 'A' with an arrow next to it on the toolbar selects the size of the font, the boxes of colors next to the a means you can change the color of the writing and the A without the arrow gives you a selection of fonts. Anything you highlight will be changed using these boxes. Smilies are on the left hand side and can be inserted on posts.

Have a play, have fun and let Admin know if you have any problems. You can delete trial posts one posted by clicking on the 'X' at the top right-hand side of your post. You can also edit using the edit box. You cannot edit or delete any posts but your own.

Of the utmost importance: Have Fun here!  Wavebye 

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