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 Joining the chat room

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Joining the chat room Empty
PostSubject: Joining the chat room   Joining the chat room EmptySun May 11, 2014 3:42 pm

You most emphatically do not have to be a writer to join chat

Once you have registered you will see slightly different options.  To get in to the chat room go to the box at the bottom of the page where it says, 'Who is Online.'  Within the box you will see at the bottom that it tell you how many members are in the chat room.  In brackets it says, 'join the chat.'  

Click on that and it will take you into the chat room.  It will look blank until you click on the link that says 'log in' at the top right hand corner of the chat room.  That will log you into the chat room.  

At the bottom you will see font options.  Click on the box with a 'B' and that will make your font bold and easier to read in the chat room.  Click on the box at the bottom and you will see a box with an 'A' underlined.  That opens a box where we can change the color of the font.  We generally try to choose our own unique color.

You can log into the chat room at any time and play around until you master it.  You can't break it.  This is a member led site and we encourage you to play and have fun.  

Please note that members can book the chat room to use when it pleases them.  This doesn't happen often but please respect these prior bookings.  Other than that - play, have fun, enjoy your time here.  It is a safe and friendly site built by the members for the members.
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Joining the chat room
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