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 The Essence of Conflict

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The Essence of Conflict Empty
PostSubject: The Essence of Conflict   The Essence of Conflict EmptySat Oct 12, 2013 12:10 pm

I found this on Inkalicious. It distils the essence of conflict for most plot types and I thought it would be useful.


Essence of Conflict - Protagonist+Goal+Opposition (Antagonist)=Drama

Devices to heighten suspense(notes from David Freeman workshop)
•An obstacle or enemy interferes with a hard goal
•A enemy or obstacle interferes with a soft goal
•Hero forced to face his emotional fear, limitation, block, or wound
•Unclear motives
•Question of whether a character can pull off a bluff
•The uneasy mix, or "odd couple" situation
•The fish out of water situation
•Presence of ambivalence
•A character forced to make a difficult moral choice
•Mystery or a puzzle to solve
•A reminder of the stakes or increase stakes
•Increase stakes of the character so that this is the only way they can succeed
•Situation is out of control
•A surprise or unexpected disaster
•Foreshadowing (many ways to do this)
•Any scene in which a danger is present
•Any scene that has conflict in it
•Any scene where a seduction occurs, or might occur
•Technique of cutting back and forth between a dangerous scene and one that isn't dangerous
•Draw out a tense moment, i.e., "waiting for the other shoe to drop"
•Resolution of a tense moment

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The Essence of Conflict
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