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PostSubject: Shine   Shine EmptyFri Jan 01, 2021 9:16 am

We've finally got 2020 behind us, so it's time for a new challenge. The challenge is inspired by a shiny New Year, glittering with promise and hope for better times. Your prompt for January is:
sun 1
That can have many meanings. It can be 'taking a shine to someone', something shiny or new, sunshine, moonshine, or just literally something with a shine. However, I'm sure your fertile imaginations can come up other spins on the prompt. 
Time to get writing!    
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PostSubject: Re: Shine   Shine EmptyFri Jan 22, 2021 2:56 pm

This is a bit tenuous, but I've used 'Shine' or at least 'Shone' and it is a shiny new start for the boys.

31st March 1888.

As of  31st March in the year of Our Lord 1888, all bounties in the name of Jedidiah 'Kid' Curry  are rescinded, all extradition orders and arrest warrants are also canceled. He is to be accepted as a citizen in good standing in so far as any man may be considered so. He is now freed from the risk of prosecution for any of his past presumed crimes. 

Therefore this document is to be taken as awarding an unconditional and complete amnesty to Jedidiah 'Kid' Curry aka Thaddeus Jones  from the date as recorded here within.  

It should be noted that this declaration of immunity from prosecution does not in any way offer protection from imprisonment for any future crimes committed by Jedidiah 'Kid' Curry aka Thaddeus Jones .

Attached to the formal notices was a more personal note.

On a Sunday a few weeks ago, I sat in church listening to Reverend Jenkins' sermon on what the Bible teaches us about forgiveness. The following Wednesday Sheriff Lom Trevors came to speak on your behalf as he has done many times previously. On this occasion however I was struck by the fact that you two were a perfect example of what the Reverend spoke of. It suddenly seemed clear to me that over six years of remaining on an honest path, despite what were not always optimum circumstances should be considered a genuine and enduring commitment to redeeming yourselves. I therefore concluded that despite the continued political opposition it would be inappropriate to deny you amnesty any longer. I will ensure that news of your amnesty is quickly distributed to as wide an audience as possible. This will I hope protect you from the continued attention of both law men and bounty hunters. I wish you both every success as you turn the page and embark on a new chapter in your lives.
Thomas Moonlight.
(Governor, Wyoming Territory.)

Kid Curry couldn't help but whoop in astonished joy as he finished reading. The paper was heavy and had an elaborate border that shone like gold. The official seal of the Wyoming Governor adorned both the envelope and the document itself. He exchanged a glance with his partner as he too looked up from the almost identical missive he was holding, his expression was one of shocked awe. “Kid, we did it!”

“We surely did, Heyes, we surely did.”

Unable to help themselves they hugged tightly, the precious papers still grasped firmly in their hands, before they pulled away from each other suddenly embarrassed. 

Curry turned to face their companion- Lom Trevors. His expression was as benevolent as the Kid had ever seen it as he said. “I told you Governor Moonlight would be the one.”

Heyes snorted drawing Curry's gaze back to him. “You also told us it'd only take a year and that just one more job should do it. Can you blame us for being a little less certain than you were?”

“Now Heyes, ain't no call for that.” Lom however was smiling. “Well we should celebrate! I've brought some of the good stuff.” He waved a green bottle in some excitement before turning away to look for some glasses in the dusty cabinet against the wall.

Curry glanced down once again at the document he held. He'd almost stopped believing that they'd ever receive the long promised amnesty and now they had it, he was slightly overwhelmed. A gentle squeeze on his shoulder and a quick glance over at Heyes through slightly tear blurred eyes reassured him that his partner was feeling much the same. The discomfort he felt at his emotional reaction was burnt away in the bright if slightly watery smile of his lifelong friend
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