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 Sidecar Racers

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PostSubject: Sidecar Racers   Sidecar Racers EmptyThu Apr 30, 2020 8:18 am

This was a 1975 film set and filmed in Australia. Ben Murphy plays the role of an American surfer and ex Olympic swimmer Jeff Rayburn. He's brought into the dangerous world of sidecar racing by Lynn Carson(Wendy Hughes) who  introduces him as a possible 'passenger' to her kinda on/off boyfriend Dave Ferguson(John Clayton). A slight love triangle develops but the characters all toe the line maintaining a careful balance. There is a really cute scene where Jeff is vacuuming around the girl, which for some reason pleases me far more than it really should.

It's possibly not the best film ever, but Ben Murphy is adorable as Jeff and the other leads also give good performances. Australia looks beautiful too. I understand Jeff's decision at the end, but think I would have made a different one than Lynn based on the characters as they were portrayed.

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Sidecar Racers
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