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PostSubject: Snoring   Snoring EmptySat Jun 01, 2019 5:49 am

Our challenge for June has been chosen by Gin, and it's another goodie. Please feel free to contact Admin with story challenge prompts and chat topics. Your challenge for this month is

Don't forget to comment on May's stories before moving on to June. Comments are the only thanks our writers get.        
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PostSubject: Re: Snoring   Snoring EmptyThu Jun 20, 2019 1:21 am

[Continuing the little sillyness from last month.]

As it turned out Kid Curry meanwhile did what he did best: he checked out the kitchen. Standing behind the counter, he prepared something that looked like sandwiches to his partner.

When Heyes opened the door, his head popped up while his right dropped to the butt of his gun. Recognizing his partner, a genuine smile lit up his face.

“I’m glad, you finally got here, Heyes,” he said, obviously in best spirit. “You won’t believe it, but you will love it! This kind of ... well ... funny strong box holds no money, but supplies, nice and cool and fresh. Who would think of something like that?”

Heyes entered the room, relieved to see his partner well, but nevertheless scolding him. “Kid, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Gettin’ me somethin’ to eat. Lovemakin’ makes me hungry all the time,” the blond replied matter-of-factly.

Everything makes you hungry all the time!” Heyes retorted. “Just look at you, Thaddeus! You not even took the time to get properly dressed! That’s anything but decent in a lady’s house.”

“What lady?” his partner mumbled; his voice muted by a rich slice of ham he just stuffed into his mouth.

Said lady took it as a call to enter the scene, too. She had thought about staying in bed, but decided to follow Not-Heyes instead. The plain thought was mind blowing: Hannibal Heyes was checking out her house and she was lying in bed, sleeping and snoring?! A part of her mind tried to convince her that it was impossible and no sign of sanity to believe what seemed to happen, but her heart was of a different kind of opinion. How often would she get a chance to meet the man of her dreams? And then she was supposed to stay in bed, faking a sane mind? Ha! No, sir! If she was going crazy now, she would at least enjoy it to her fullest! 

Yet she decided it was about time to bring some light into the darkness - literally. She tried to switch the light on, but the lamp refused its service. ‘A blackout? Now?’ she thought. ‘Just great. What else can go wrong tonight?

Reality – or at least what felt like reality for her – distracted her mind. The cowboy of her dreams stood behind her kitchen counter with tousled, honey-colored hair, only dressed in his jeans and gun belt. The faint light seeping through the shutters caressed his bare chest. His boyish features and casual stance only enhanced his masculinity and sex appeal. It was the most appetizing thing she’d ever seen, here or elsewhere. She just couldn’t take her eyes off him.

The eyes of the man, who would probably deny being Kid Curry, widened, then he swallowed the big bite of food he was chewing at, almost choking. “Oh, I ... uh ... I apologize, ma’am. I didn’t know about you.” His baby-blues looked her up and down, sending a blissful shiver down her spine. “To be honest, your kind of dress, well ... ain’t quite up to scratch, too.”

A red flash of anger flushed her face. “Now wait a minute! You’re here without my invitation, in the middle of the night – in my kitchen! Whom do you blame of being indecent?”

Their eyes met. The male one’s wandered down her figure, drawing her attention with them. Suddenly she realized her outfit and the color of her face deepened. She used to sleep in her slip and an oversized tee-shirt. Considering the time period he was coming from, she must appear everything but decent, she had to admit. There just wasn’t much she could do about it, for the kitchen usually presented a distressing lack of clothing, and she would be damned if she would leave to miss any beat of whatever happened.

The blond man noticed the trouble she was in. He took another bite of his snack, then he turned around and grabbed his light-blue shirt from one of the barstools lined up along the counter. Shrugging into it he approached her slowly.

He snapped his fingers and indicated Not-Heyes something behind him. The owner of the place followed his gesture with her look and noticed a light leather jacket that she hadn’t seen before. Leapfrogging her dark-haired visitor, she grabbed it first and wrapped it around her shoulders. Still chewing, the curly one smiled at her before he turned around, edged around the counter and returned to his midnight snack.

She was following his every movement with her eyes as he walked away, admiring the setting of his shoulders, the confidence in his stance, the movement of his hips... He was definitely nobody she would push out of her bed – quite the opposite.

Chocolate-brown-eyes watched her watching his partner. He rolled his eyes and huffed. “Lost,” he stated, shaking his head.

He then started strolling through the kitchen, exploring the unfamiliar place and devices. His eyes where shining in bright curiosity and fascination. “I’d love to know what all the machines, dials and switches are for,” he murmured. “For some reason nothing happens when I turn those triggers...” He turned his head and noticed that his partner wasn’t listening, but working his way through his pile of sandwiches. “Heck, Kid, how can you eat in a situation like this?”

“Would it do us any good, if I’d starve?” the blond mumbled.



“Do you have any idea where we are?"

“Nope. But the food is excellent!”

“But you have to know something. It was you who brought us here!” the dark one complained.

“Who said it was me?”

“You went first, I just followed you.”

“Now, I admit you have a point there, but I just walked through that door like any time before, but instead of the backstreet I ended up here.”

“And where is here?”

“How should I know? Am I supposed to be the brains?”

“Have I really been looking out for you? I can’t understand why I should do such a fool thing like that. I’d be better off without you!”

“That’s what I told you before, but you wouldn’t listen to me!”

“Why should I? As you said, I do the thinking here! Your ideas are nothing but trouble. Just look where we ended up just because of you!”

“Thanks a lot! You wouldn’t make it one week without me, Hey... Joshua, and you know that!”

“I know!?” Dark-brown eyes sparkled in annoyance.


“Yeah!? I’ll show you that I can! We can split up right here and now.”



“Just tell me where the heck is ‘here and now’!”

“Well ... I’m working on that,” Heyes shot back.

The blond just snorted.

“You can’t split up, Heyes,” a female voice chimed in. “Didn’t you tell me that bad things happen when you do so?”

“I don’t believe that,” Heyes answered ruefully, and looked sideways at his partner. “And don’t call me that. The name’s Smith.”

“It’s not, and I know it! You slipped, when you addressed your partner ‘Kid’,” she countered with a self-sufficient smile on her face. “And weren’t you scared when you didn’t see your partner when you arrived?”


“You were?” Kid Curry said, obviously very curious and interested in this topic.


“He was?” the Kid asked, turning away from him and towards their host.

She nodded agreement. “He couldn’t think of anything else.”

A wide grin lit up the gunslinger’s face. Wherever they were, things took quite an interesting turn...

With sparkling eyes, he resumed his annihilation of food.

Astonished she watched him, wondering what would happen if he found out about ice cream and chocolate. Maybe he didn’t ever want to leave again? The combined thought of Kid Curry, bare skin and soft melting ice-cream flashed through her mind and inspired some quite delicious ideas.

But she knew Heyes was right: usually bad things happened when the boys separated. They could run out of chocolate and ice cream for example and where would they end up then?

Still tempted, she flirted with the thought of introducing him to the contents of her freezer as she suddenly noticed sounds, unfamiliar sounds emerging from somewhere in the house...

[Might be continued...]
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PostSubject: Re: Snoring   Snoring EmptySun Jun 30, 2019 3:30 am

I couldn't leave Nightwalker on her own. A little snippet from the Kid's new life post amnesty

“Something wrong, Mr Jones?” Caroline asked, softly.

She and the Kid had returned to Fairfield Place after a lunch date. They were due to go to the opera that evening with friends, followed by a late supper. For now, they were taking the opportunity to spend some time alone together. The Kid was dozing on a sofa in the drawing room and she was flicking through a magazine. She took the time to contemplate the man who was her husband.
They were a married couple in every sense of the word and the physical side of their relationship was unexpected.

As Caroline looked at him now, she was beginning to wonder if she was falling in love with him.
He was handsome. He smiled easily and he had a playful sense of humour. He was the first to admit he wasn’t well educated, apparent as he often had to ask for clarification on something. However, he hid it well and bluffed his way through with practised ease in public. He was quick to learn. If he did make an inadvertent mistake, never twice and would follow her lead when meeting new people. In the beginning, she knew it had just been curiosity. Who was the man that Caroline Fairfield, railroad heiress, one of THEM, had met and married on impulse? Yet he had won over most of her friends with his plain speaking and honesty. They now genuinely accepted him as her husband.

As she looked at him, she smiled to herself. She knew this life was new and strange for him. She’d introduced him to many new things, fine dining, the ballet, (which he didn’t like) and tonight they were going to the opera. They’d been before and although he didn’t understand it all, he said he’d quite like the tunes and was prepared to give it another go.  Max had taken the Kid to play golf and on their return had told her, he had a natural aptitude for it. All in all, he was settling in well. Perhaps too well. Could she let him go when the time came? She shook her head. Worry about that when it happened.

She nodded then started when she realised his eyes were open and looking at her.

“Penny for them,” he half smiled at her.

“Oh!” She found herself flushing. “You’re very quiet Mr Jones. I was wondering if anything was wrong.”

“Nope.” He stretched a little. “Just conservin’ my strength for later. Gonna be a late night.”


In their box at the opera, Caroline leaned forward and looked at the Kid beside her. He had his arms folded and his head down. A gentle snore escaped. She smiled and nudged him.

He started and looked at her with a frown.

“You were snoring!” she whispered in his ear.

“Sorry,” he apologised and looked down at the stage where the opera was in full swing. “I don’t know the words to this one otherwise I’d be singin’ along.”

A laugh burst out of Caroline that she quickly covered. Their companions in the box looked at her sideways. She cleared her throat in embarrassment and glanced back at the Kid who was smiling at her mischievously. Yes, she was very pleased with her impulsive husband.

Kid Curry and that other fella; Hannibal Heyes and whatsname
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PostSubject: Re: Snoring   Snoring EmptySun Jun 30, 2019 8:22 pm

I'm sorry this is such a short chapter.  The month just got away from me but I promise I'll post the next one very soon.

A Day Early, A Dollar Short – Chapter 10

“How long do you reckon Joshua’s gonna be out, Doc?”  The Kid sat at the foot of Heyes’ bed and watched the ragged breaths his partner drew.  

Minner handed a chicken leg to Mac and turned towards Curry.  “Well, it’s hard to say.  Mr. Smith seems like a healthy man but his injury has drained his strength.  Sleep is what he needs now and, with any luck, he won’t awaken until morning.” 

“Hmpf,” grunted Mac after a large bite.  “Ain’t much point in patchin’ ‘im up if’n you ask me.  Man’s gonna swing sooner rather than later.”

“Shut…up.”  The Kid spoke so softly Minner could barely hear him but he felt the menace conveyed in the two simple words.

“What’re you gonna do, Curry?  Kill me?  Ain’t that what you said?”  Grinning grotesquely, Mac nodded at the doctor.  “See, Curry here don’t want you to know that there’s Hannibal Heyes you’re treatin’.  Guess he figures you might not want to work on a damned outlaw.”

“I’m a doctor.  It doesn’t matter who my patient is, I’ve taken a vow to treat him.  You sir, are ample proof of my fealty to the oath,” countered Dr. Minner disdainfully.

Mac reached into the bag next to Minner and pulled out another chicken leg waving it about punctuating his words.  “Mark my words, it’ll be your fault if good people are made to suffer ‘cause you saved the wrong man.”

“What happened to your hand?”  Minner seized Mac’s wrist and stared at his battered appendage.

“Ain’t nothin’.  I dislocated myself gettin’ out of them cuffs the first time.”

“It needs to go back in place immediately!  Do you realize you’re risking the loss of use?”

“Don’t go gettin’ your tail in a twist, it don’t hurt much and I think it looks just fine.”  Pulling away from the doctor, Mac tried to wiggle his fingers but failed miserably.

Minner frowned.  “Well, sir, you and I have a difference of opinion.  Mr. Jones, or whatever your name is, hold down Mr. Lamford while I put his thumb back in place.”   His eyes shifted to the Kid who had neared Mac without the older man sensing him.  He nodded and the blond outlaw seized Mac by his shoulders and forced him to the ground. 

“With pleasure.”  The Kid smiled grimly.

While Mac cussed and squirmed, the doctor deftly snapped the joint in as his patient howled with outrage.  Releasing Mac, Minner stood up and dusted the knees of his trouser as the man before him glared up at him.  “Try not to use your hand for a few days and you’ll be fine.”  He glanced at the Kid.  “I’ll be outside if you need me.  I want some time alone to think.”

“Sure, Doc.  And thanks,” replied the Kid, before looking down and letting his fury galloped across his face.. 

Mac enjoyed the play of emotions. “Ya can’t shoot me now, Curry.  The doc ain’t sure who you are but he will be if’n you perforate me.” 

The Kid’s eyes narrowed dangerously and he leaned down close.  Close enough Mac drew back.  “Well, I ain’t gonna have to worry about that if I kill you both, am I?”  Alarm flooded the eyes staring up at him.  “After all, I’m a stone-cold killer, right?”

Both men turned as the doctor came in.  “The sky has clouded over.  It appears we are to finally have our rain.”  A peal of thunder rolled across the peaks and reverberated around the valley.  “Mr. Jones, we will stay here tonight but leave first thing in the morning.”

The Kid shook his head.  “Uh, Doc, I don’t think Joshua is gonna sit a horse.” 

Minner smile back at him.  “None of us are.  You, Mr. Jones, are going to use the last of our light to cut down seven straight saplings.  We shall spend our evening constructing two travois, one for Mr. Smith and one for Mr. Lamford.  You and I will lead them and we will walk back to Grand Lake!” he finished triumphantly.

“Walk?” Curry frowned.  “You’re kiddin’, right?”

“I am completely serious.”

Cold blue eyes assessed the doctor.  “I ain’t walkin’ twenty miles back to Grand Lake in these boots.”

“And, as you say, I ain’t ridin’ back to Grand Lake.”  Minner’s chin lifted in challenge.

“I…say…you are.”

“I most certainly am not and, if you wish your partner to be as comfortable as possible, neither are you!”  

The blue eyes faltered and the coldness faded as they clouded with confusion and defeat.


As the cabin grew darker, the Kid and Minner hunched over their projects trying to fasten strong knots on the cross-braces of each travois.  Heyes was still out.  Mac lounged back and dozed off once in a while, but jerked himself awake.  Sooner or later Curry had to sleep and, when he did, Mac would be ready.


“Psst, Heyes.  Psst!  Wake up.”

Heyes sat up and reached for his gun only to have his gun arm gripped by the Kid’s firm hand.  He peered up into his partner’s brown eyes.  “What’s wrong?” 

Leaning down, Curry lowered his voice even further and whispered, “Mac told him who we are.”

Heyes flopped back and closed his eyes.  “Just once.  Just once couldn’t a job go well?”

A loud, rasping snore erupted from Mac followed by several smaller snorts.

“What’re we gonna do?”

Brown eyes opened.  “We’re gonna get outta here, right now.”

“Heyes, you ain’t fit to ride.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time.”

Curry shook his head.  “We’ll go into Grand Lake, deny everything, and leave as soon as we get you on your feet.”

“Not gonna work.  Mac’ll go to the nearest law and have them pull paper on us.”  Another snore tore the darkness.

A chuckle escaped from Kid Curry.  “Heyes, are you forgettin’?  Those wanted posters don’t have a likeness of us.”

“Are you forgetting the railroad putting up that fat reward will send out someone who can identify us on sight?” hissed Heyes.

The smile slid off Curry’s face. “I did kinda forget that part,” he said sheepishly.

“Well, that’s the part that’ll get us killed.”

“What if we asked the governor for help?”

“Are you crazy?  The governor can’t admit he knows us.  He’d be drummed outta office.”  Heyes ran a hand through his dirty hair.

“What good is doing all these jobs for the governor if he won’t lift a finger to help us?”

“You forget about the amnesty, too?”

“What amnesty?  We’ve done everything we were asked to and I don’t see any,” the Kid paused as Mac’s snoring reached a crescendo before he rolled over and mumbled, “damned amnesties.”

Heyes sighed loudly.  “What if we just gave up?”

“Turn ourselves in?!”

“No, just gave up going after amnesty.”   Heyes waited watching his partner carefully.   “What if we just up and disappear?  Vanish.  Never to be seen again.”

“You mean leave the country.”  The Kid rubbed his chin thoughtfully then dropped his hand.  “No.”


“No, Heyes.  I ain’t leavin’ the country.  This is my home.  I flat-out don’t want to go.”

Heyes nodded.  “Me either.  It’s settled then.  We go into Grand Lake.”  He grinned.  “Heck, the worst that’ll happen, we’ll have to bust outta another jail call.”

The Kid smiled back.  “It wouldn’t be the first time.”


“The purpose of life isn’t to arrive at death in perfect condition but to slide into it sideways with your hair mussed, your clothes disheveled, a martini in one hand and chocolate in the other, shouting ‘Whooeee, what a ride!’”--Hunter S. Thompson
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