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 The Brown Palace

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PostSubject: The Brown Palace   Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:51 pm

Sorry it took so long. Here are some photos from our stay at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado.

The front desk. Not in the same place as it was in 1892.

The lobby. Again, in 1892 this as just the lobby, there were no tables of lunch. All restaurants, etc., were on the top floor.

There was a piano player in the lobby from 11:00 Am until 8:00 pm. Very nice ambiance.

You can look right up through the middle of it and see the stop floor!

Our shower door. The rooms were small, but pleasant. Where there is the computer desk now, the frame for the large fireplace is still in place. The rooms also came equipped with steam heating.

The infamous stairway, where Jed chased after their suspects.

The grand staircase. There were also elevators in this hotel when it first opened. They were run on hydraulics. do you think our boys would have been brave enough?

Another view of our piano player. The Spa entrance is where the front desk used to be, and the pov is how it would have been for the early visitors. The front entrance was changed due to increasing traffic along that road.

A close-up view of the stained glass ceiling. Actually, this is not the roof. Above this glass is another floor where the hotel grows it's own herbs and vegetables that are used in their restaurants.

The view down from the top floor.
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The Brown Palace
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