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 Day Thirty-one

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PostSubject: Day Thirty-one   Day Thirty-one EmptySat Oct 11, 2014 8:37 pm

Making steady progress. Paul has home turf in sight!

Black River, still in Minnesota

Day Thirty-one IMG_1394_zpsccd889e8

Mississippi River, Minnesota

Day Thirty-one IMG_1397_zps7062f724

Some colourful hills

Day Thirty-one IMG_1398_zps52fde89d

More farms, really nice, well kept properties

Day Thirty-one IMG_1402_zps129ee6af

Day Thirty-one IMG_1403_zps2d806f28

Interesting church

Day Thirty-one IMG_1406_zpsc98f88f4

The road just goes on and on. Especially after 31 days of traveling along it.

Day Thirty-one IMG_1409_zps2a7b55f8

Interesting clouds. Get the feeling that the weather can change very quickly here?

Day Thirty-one IMG_1412_zpsef9d46a9

Interesting name. Never did find out the reason behind it.

Day Thirty-one IMG_1414_zps24b7ce70

Interesting sculpture

Day Thirty-one IMG_1415_zps4a668373

More clouds, more grasslands, more road stretching out ahead of us.

Day Thirty-one IMG_1416_zpsc4063be3

More wind mills, but no wind.

Day Thirty-one IMG_1417_zps1be7db2e

Welcome to South Dakota!

Day Thirty-one IMG_1421_zpsff22cecd

Day Thirty-one IMG_1423_zps49032c2d

Missouri River

Day Thirty-one IMG_1427_zps5c601752

Day Thirty-one IMG_1429_zpsdc8498a6

Hay bales. Pretty exciting, huh. Don't worry; South Dakota and Wyoming get really interesting.

Day Thirty-one IMG_1432_zps541b5908
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PostSubject: Re: Day Thirty-one   Day Thirty-one EmptySat Oct 11, 2014 10:00 pm

Really interesting to follow the changing landscape of your travels. And now you are getting into areas where I have been before.
I can help you out with the name Blue Earth. It is a translation of the Dakota (or maybe Lakota) name for one of the rivers in Minnesota: Mahkato (mahka=earth, to=blue or green - there is no distinction between green and blue in Sioux languages). The name was given to the river because of the greenish clay that was found on its bank not far from the river mouth. The clay provided pigment for a green colour which was used for painting rawhide, but also for war paint. One county in Minnesota is named for the River. I guess your rest stop was in Blue Earth county.

"I can resist everything - except temptation"  Oscar Wilde
For me temptation is Hannibal Heyes, especially in chaps!
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PostSubject: Re: Day Thirty-one   Day Thirty-one EmptySun Oct 12, 2014 5:31 am

Goodness you're covering a whole lot of ground! Thanks for taking us with you. cowboy 13
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Day Thirty-one
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