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PostSubject: "QUICKIE" CHARACTER ARCHETYPES:   Wed Oct 02, 2013 4:53 pm



Here are some archetypal leading characters. I think I've spotted the boys already. This list might prompt some bunnies as you look at what other archetypes, male or female, may bring out in them.

(From "Heroes and Heroines: 16 Master Archetypes," by Caro LeFever, Tami Cowden, & Sue Viders.)

Beyond Alpha: The Eight Male Archetypes
•The Chief - The quintessential "alpha" male: tough, decisive, and goal-oriented
•The Bad Boy - Dangerous, but fascinating: charismatic and street smart, hates rules and regulations
•The Best Friend - The "beta" hero: kind, decent, and responsible
•The Charmer - The quintessential smooth operator: Fun, irresistible, and often unreliable
•The Lost Soul - The "theta" hero: Tortured and secretive, he's got a vulnerable heart and discerning eyes
•The Professor - Logical, introverted and inflexible, but also genuine in feelings, extremely faithful and honest
•The Swashbuckler - The Man on the Go: Action and adventure is his motto; he's physical, daring, mercurial
•The Warrior - The "delta" hero: The reluctant rescuer; dark and dangerous, driven and remote

Beyond Cinderella: The Eight Female Archetypes
•The Boss - The "Take Charge" woman: outspoken and persuasive, confident and competitive
•The Seductress - "I Will Survive" woman: mysterious and manipulative, distrusting and cynical
•The Spunky Kid - Spirited and loyal, reliable and supportive, more of a "tomboy"
•The Free Spirit - Genuine and fun-loving, impulsive, an "original"
•The Waif - Classic "damsel in distress": Child-like innocence, naive and docile, she endures
•The Librarian - Conscientious, orderly, bright; she leads with her brain, not her looks
•The Crusader - A woman on a mission: tenacious, headstrong, courageous
•The Nurturer - Altruistic to a fault; calm, optimisic, a listener, pleasant, takes care of everyone
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