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 War (an extremely short vignette)

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PostSubject: War (an extremely short vignette)   Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:02 pm

"Honey, where are the eggs?" Mrs. Heyes asked her husband.
"There ain't any. Don't know what's wrong with those chickens. They ain't laid no eggs in two days."

"Well, I really need some. Would you mind running over to the Curry farm and see if they could spare some?"

"Yeah, sure. Be back in a little while."

But upon arriving at the Curry place, Mr. Heyes found that their chickens hadn't been laying either. "Well what the heck is going on? Are they all getting sick?"

"I have no idea," Mr. Curry said, obviously as confused as his brother-in-law. "I asked Jedidiah to go collect the eggs earlier, but he didn't come back. Caught a glimpse of him headed down to the creek with Han. I figured there weren't any eggs was why he didn't come back, so I just let him go."

"That's odd. I had asked Hannibal to collect OUR eggs this morning. He just came back and hollered that he was heading over here as he ran by the house."

"I think we better go check on those two."

"I think you're right!"

A few minutes later, the two men walked into a battlefield. Bodies were strewn all over the creek bank. A make-shift fort had clearly been bombed. And sitting on opposite sides of the flowing water reloading their 'cannons', were the two boys, each carefully putting an egg on a spoon that was laid across a twig, getting ready for another attack.



"Have you two been wasting our eggs for the past two days!?"

"Well gee Pa," young Hannibal Heyes replied innocently, " we had to have some cannonballs!"
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PostSubject: Re: War (an extremely short vignette)   Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:08 pm

What a fun vignette, HH! Leave it to the imagination of two clever young boys to use eggs in such a way. I like how you left it to us to picture just what the battlefield looked like, and I've definitely got a yellowish picture of the casualties. Well done!
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PostSubject: Re: War (an extremely short vignette)   Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:47 pm

Leave it to Heyes to come up with using eggs for cannonballs!
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PostSubject: Re: War (an extremely short vignette)   

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War (an extremely short vignette)
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